Our Projects

Avenue Youth Home


Barefoot Mission has partnered with Avenue of Life to launch a home for homeless youth in Wyandotte County. The Avenue Youth Home will open in the fall of 2019 and house over 30 high school students. Barefoot Mission oversees design and programming for this project. 

Argentine Wellness Center


Barefoot Mission has partnered with the Metropolitan Avenue Methodist Church to launch a Wellness Center for the community. This initiative will include: healthcare screenings, church services, food for the community, work with refugee groups,  etc. 

OP Church


Taylor Penrod serves on staff at the OP Church: a Church of Christ. Her role is Community Liaison as she seeks to join the community to the church and the church to the community. 

Our Partners & Supporters


We are proud to work with Avenue of Life to launch Wyandotte County's first unaccompanied youth home. 


The OP Church supports Barefoot Mission as a local missionary agency in the urban area of Wyandotte County. 


This Foundation is a huge force behind furnishing the Youth Home. 

We are proud to work with The Spring Venture Group in support of furnishing the Avenue Youth Home.

We are proud to work with Spring Venture Group in the help of furnishing the youth home. 


Thank you to Tran & Thomas for leading the renovation and design team for the Avenue Youth Home. 


Thank you to SCI for donating quartz countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms in the Avenue Youth Home. 


Barefoot Mission is grateful to Panel Systems Plus for their support towards the Avenue Youth Home. 


Thankful to Digital-Niche for the construction of the donor wall.